Gambling Should Be legalized

legalize sports gambling

Gambling Should Be legalized

In Wisconsin, would it be a good idea to legalize sports gambling? Is there room for further regulation? Our legislators are considering the issue of legalizing sports betting here in the state. At present, the state provides both in-state and online gambling. Wisconsin: Legalizes both. However, the state hasn’t started the process of legalization.

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be legalized sports betting in Wisconsin. People will always have a chance to get rich, and that is what government is for. I really believe that if we want to get tough on crime, then this is probably the best way to go about it,” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke in January, after being asked if he thought it was a good idea to legalize sports gambling in the county. Clarke went on to say that there is no reason to enforce laws which are currently against gambling, and that there is nothing stopping the authorities from investigating and raiding casinos. According to him, if the government starts doing raids on gaming facilities and shutters them down, those people will simply move to another state where they can gamble legally.

However, a majority of Wisconsinites (even some within the Milwaukee County district) do not agree with legalizing sports betting. State Representative David Obey (R) said that he could not support legalization because he believes the issue should be left to the states. State Senator Peter Kagen (D-WI) said that he was against legalized sports betting because he does not believe it will amount to much of a profit for the casinos or bookmakers. Meanwhile, Assemblyman Jim Steine (D-WI) believes that a study done by the conservative think tank, the John Locke Institute, proves that legalized sports betting will increase crime.

Many in the New Jersey State House believe that legalizing sports wagering would have a disastrous effect on the state’s tourism industry and in turn would hurt the residents of the state. Some feel that placing the odds on football games and basketball games is not fair since the public doesn’t pick winners and losers in these things anyway. Others believe that the public doesn’t understand how lucrative gaming is in the New Jersey area, saying that people in the area make more money from gambling than they do from staying at five-star hotels. However, others in the state believe that it would be beneficial for the state to legalize sports betting because there is money to be made if the games are won.

Although there are some who do not believe that legalizing sports wagering would benefit the state, some believe that it is important that the state become more familiar with allowing people to place their bets on sporting events. According to Assemblyman Smith, the new amateur protection act should include a provision that would allow for audits of sporting games and ensure that the amount of bets made on those games are legitimate. He believes that the amount of fraudulent bets made on games like football has been rampant in the past and that the public needs to be protected against that type of exploitation of the games. He believes that it is important for the state to regulate the amount of bets that people place on these games.

This is not the only bill that attempts to legalize sports gambling in New Jersey. Another bill seeks to allow Native American tribal casinos to participate in the NCAA. The Assembly Majority Leader referred the matter to the state legislative Joint Committee on House Ways and Means which is expected to take up the bill this spring. Although no final decisions have yet been made, both chambers are expected to pass the bill. One of the reasons why the committees are reviewing the measure is the concerns that New Jerseyans has about Native Americans taking up gambling. Some residents fear that the government will allow organized sports betting among Native Americans and open the door to organized crime.

legalized sports betting and the future regulation of Native American gaming are two of the hot button issues in New Jersey. A recent study by a University of Maryland Center on Children and Families found that many children in rural areas of New Jersey are suffering from family violence and domestic violence. Many of these children are frequent gamblers and many are addicted to online gambling as well. This study found that a large majority of the family members who were abusive had a history of online gambling. This study also indicated that families that were violent did not have access to the lottery or online slot machines.

legalized sports betting in New Jersey is an issue that has been before the public for quite some time. Several attempts have unsuccessfully passed the state legislature. The new Governor Tom Corbett has promised that he will take an active role in passing this issue when elected. If you would like to help us get this issue passed, become a supporter of New Jersey Grassroots For Gaming Reform. Your support will make a difference!